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MD 20/20 Gold is Coming

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Available on 02/02/2020!

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Our grape wine is made with juicy, luscious fruit infused with tasty flavors to create a unique variety of MD 20/20 selections.
Enjoy MD 20/20 cold any way you like:

Our Wines

Orange Jubilee

Get zesty with fresh citrus flavors of juicy orange.

Available in 375mL, 750mL and 1.5L

Banana Red

Sweet and tangy with all the smells and tastes of real banana.

Available in 375mL and 750mL

Blue Raspberry

Bling on the night with ripe berry senses.

Available in 375mL and 750mL

Red Grape Wine

The king of grape with rich flavors of dark fruit.

Available in 375mL, 750mL and 1.5L

Electric Melon

An electrifying and tangy treat.

Available in 375mL and 750mL

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit with a bite- fruity, ripe and delicious.

Available in 750mL

Peaches & Cream

Juicy and sweet, a perfect dessert.

Available in 375mL and 750mL

Strawberry Kiwi

A savory sipper with tropical tangs.

Available in 750mL


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